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and then watch every red zone play on nfl redzone. watch out couch, you've got competition as daddy's favorite. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v visit ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] mcdonald's new chicken flatbreads. all out awesome combinations of juicy, grilled chicken topped with roasted garlic aioli and a natural four-cheese blend. mcdonald's chicken flatbreads. the simple joy of new discoveries. ♪ >> property witt a major price
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tag. >> it has been a great deal for whoever gets the lease payments %->> how much the city has been paying every month, for the last 30 years. >> a fiery crash caught on camera. who came to the rescue? >> more greet weather headed our way. but humidity will increase. the next chance for rain in the sky watch forecast. >> and idol chatterr discussion over whether randy will be leaving as well. >> live, in high definition, froo wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert is off tonight. unusual scene near a ú%ndallstown suuermarket. balttmore counny police shot a man behaving erratically. happened at the kings point square shopping center. melinda roeder explained as soon as the first officer showed up at the scene. >> we were going that way to the market. and we could not get in.3 >> early morning shoppers were surprised to find so many police, in the parking lot of the shopping center.
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all began with a call to 911. someone said there was a suspicious man roaming around. >> the subject appeared to be emotionally disturbed. he was distraught. >> when the first officer tried to get ouu of his car. but the suspect stopped him. >> the suspect immediately %-started to attack the officer. there eventually was a struggle, over the officee's weapon. >> the officer tried to ussehis car door as a shield. when a second officer showed upp he shot the suspect, twice in the chest. >> it doesn'' make sense the crime is getting so bad. >> investigators spent hours processing the scene, marking evidence, inspecting the suspect's clothes. while witnesses that saw, or heard, the gunshots, looked on. >> i was in my offiie, workingg3 ú% my computer. and my wife yield down and said you better see what is going on. >> councilman alderman lives nearby and came out to talk with the police and managees of the
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shopping center.3 >> like all shopping malls, you have incidents once in awhile. we do what we have bben doing. trust in god. >> the suspect taken to the hospital. first officer had minor injuries and did not requirr treatment.3 in raadalls turns melinda >> the suspeet is inncriticalú but stable condition. >> baltimooe county police arrest rich today innbaltimore. last mmw broke into a milford mill home and stole money, jewelry and guns. police arrested four others connected to this crime. hospitalized tonight after being shot in the face.3 it happened in west baltimore. near pennsylvania and fulton avenue saturday night. teen is in stable condition. as we speak. >> baltimore police investigate a body discovered saturday night in south baltimore. a man found dead in a ooded police call the death >> another shooting this weekend. leaves one man dead. shot in the head. friday night near baker and north monroe streets.
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now, this latest homicide bring baltimore city total to 147 this year. that's two less than this ime last year. >> students at the university of maryland, on guard this evvning. after an emergency crime alert. keith daniels is live attthe college park campus where are %-keith, what can you tell us..3 >>well, jjff, county police and a warning tonight after the attacks, on seven students. puck ket it rrally hit close to home. the latest off campus assault and robbery, of the university of maryland student. the police say the victim was walking alone, on harwiik road and princeton avenue when four ú%spects beat and robbed him. it happened at about 2:00 sunday on frazier and puck ket's block. >> f course it is frighteningg to know that these things are
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happening right where we walk -very day. >> a lost times ou don't thiik it could happen to you. but it can.3 youuknoww it could be your friend or neighbor. especially if it is goiig on on your road.3 so it is definitely scaree >> that robbery ollows two other recent attacks. including an august 29th robbery, in which five suspects approached three students, waiting at the universitt shuttle stop outside of the ú%iversity club apartments, on vernon houue road. two of the students ran away. but the other, was grabbed, assaulted, and robbed. >> it is frustrating. very frustrating. because you know, you think why would somebody assault a student? i mean, thhyydon't have a lot of money. another aatack..3st 27th,ú suspects beat and robbed threeú students. in thh clarion m parking lot. the police say they had left carry yao key night t ej landing before 1:00 that morning.
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dangerous groups, of >> we don't know if it is the same group of people or not..3 but, you know, basic information,,about the times thaa it is occurring, it may appear they may be linked. >> kind of scary. %->> police arrestee two peoplen this case so far, including a 15-year-old, but they warn, they are still looking for eight more suspects. live in college park, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you very much keith. arundel counttyinvestigators say a house fire in glen bernie owe %-it happened at about 2 a.m. on valiant circle. wommn and child were inside. but managed to escape. police are still looking tonight ú%r suspects. ú%d charge 17-year-old marcus mcfadden for a deadly shooting in brooklyn park. he is responsible for shhoting and killing eric hill august 13, while hill was still in his car.
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mcfadden is charged as an adult with first-degree murder and armeddroobery. >> after months of controversy craigslist has removed the adult the section on that site, was full of ads peddling are %-maryland demanned change. as soon as they took down thh category, some critics begaa to seventeen the ads to pop up in other areas of the site. >> it sounds like it is going to be a more permanent change. we will see. the other thing to consider is whether or not the kind of advertisements will go into the personal section. so that's a thing we will look for next, i would assume. >> police will monitor more sections f craigslist,,helping3 craigslist and users will report any illegal ads. >> heartbreak, triumph and a lot of turnovers filled m&t bank stadium for the crab bowl classics today.
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kristen berset joins with us highlights from today's game.ú what a great ending kristen? >> big ending. thank you. %-maryland coming off a 2 and 10 season and were considered theú unneedogs to navy. who 10 and 4 squad is led by hhisman hopeful dobbs. ú%ams met inn2005.time the two this gaae was a nail biter down to the final seconds. a minute left in the game. navy down 17-14. with 3 and goal from the eiggt. ricky dobs keeps it, tackled short of the goal llfe, setting up fourth and goal line. and 37 seconds left. down three. navy decides to go for the win, instead of the game tying fieed goal. and maryland defenss holds. dobbs is stopped short. and maryyand upsets navy, 17-14 in the crab bowl classic. talk after was being going for it on fords and goal. >> i am not going to seconn guess. i think he made right decision.
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i am happy we on. but i am proud of my players. for the way they hung in there. >> well, long before kickoff the grills and fans were fired up for football. michael buczyner is live at m&t bank stadium with fan reaction to the inssate rivvlry. -> kristen, good evening.3 parking lots here at m&t bank stadium transformed into a massive party. thousands of fans from both schools, swamppd into the parking lots, durinn football tailgaaeing and having a great ú%me. at the end of the day, they had one thing in common. call it a collision of crabs and college football. crab bowl. there were burgers, beverages, and, of ccurse, ssme fired up fans. >> navy is going to win. >> for just the 21st time since 1905. >> heck of a game. >> the terrapins and midshipmen
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met in the crab bowl. >> a lot of fun. for bragging rights. >> i would call it a rivalry, nothing less. >> some fans saw supremacy in the sky. >> you see the signs? look what does it say? be there. %-telling the future, withune predictions. %->> naval academy graduate robú schneiier took time for a triiute..3 >> this game means everything tt me.ú >> wading in a sea of red, surrounded by foe snyder stood out and so did his service. >> nothing but respect and pride from these people. ú% but snnder was not the only one to take his hat off. >> nothing but respect. for the men in white. men and women in white walking down the aisle. >> once the game starts and the whistte blows, respect out the window. >> and tonight, you may be asking yourself when could we see a rematch between the two
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teems? well, a date has not been set for when it could happen. kristen back to you in the studio. all right. thank you michhell >> we will have complete highlightt, of the crab bowl classic, plus the ravens busy today as they tweak the roster. and plays of the week at 10:50 on "sportt unlimited". jeff?ú >> thankkyou, kristen. >> firefighters nationwide areú rrght here in the state of ú%ryland. spending the day making one final push to fill the boot. county firefighters spent today in whitemarsh working to raise money for jerry's kids. money raised goes toward the muscular dystrophy asssciation. speciiically to help children with md go to summer camp. >> it issgreat. i love coming to work. everyone greets us warmly,. with a smile. and a thanks for doing what you are doing out there. >> last yes, the city and county fire departmeets raised $188,000. -ake a successful telethon, thi3 yeer again.
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yes. >> you helped to raise more than $1 million for jerry's kids, nationwide the jerry lewis telethon raised nearly $59 million. less than the $60 million raised last year. and the record of $65 millionn3 set back in 2008. leeis said he is impressed by people's ability to give evee when they are struggling >> it has been a great deal for whoever ets the lease payments. but not so much for taxpayers. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. city spends tens of thousands of dollars, each month, to lease this building. the other thingg that it has to pay for, that makes it so much more expensive. our cover story tonight. >> people loved randy as a judge. american idol judge be leaving the program? insider talk on some of the possible replacements, latee as fox 455news at 10:00 continues. >> because it is a time of the year when i get to see a lot of
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good friends, and a lot of good hooses. >> and you will meet one great man, who has seen the ast day of the fair, after more thann60 years.., >> what a lovely labor day. %-forget about it.y of summer. mother nature patrols into tomoorow. full forecast is coming up. /
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best deal this side of sunrise, so come in and we'll make yours! get a western egg white muffin melt and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. just $2.50. build your better breakfast today at subway! >> breaking news now out of west baltimore. this is the scene of aatriple shooting. near laughiate and mason street. three men shot at that location. and took themselves to thh hospital. they aae all expected to survive.
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>> governor o'malley has beenn3 airing tvvcampaign ads all summer long. now it is bob ehrlich's turn. john rydell has more on ehrlich's new ad and what governor o'mallly thinkk of it. >> thank you. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> although he has been a gubernatorial candidate for nearly five months, ehrlich held off taking to the air waves. at this campaign, he is3 unveiling the fiist campaign ad on tv. >> toddy maayland is in trouble. worse off than four years ago. >> bob ehrlich never mentionn o'malley by name, but in the first tv commercial former governor is clearly taking aim at the incumbent. >> dangerous debt, higher taxes. >> we thought we would have to go up on tv prior to this, but the polls held up so well we were able to save money when we did not have it. >> governor o'malley calls the new ehrlich ad misleading. >> totally tapers over andd3 -losses over the thiigs he did
10:17 pm
whenness office that were not good for the environment. the things that actually harm small businesses. >> o'malley said that includes ehrlich's handling of fiscal matters. and fees that he raised when he was an incumbent. >> this from the people that you blame for the ouisiana oil %-so i donnt take much of what they say, with any degree of seriousness. >> and the governor and former governor re expected to spendtence if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on tv commercials between now and november's generrl election. >> ours has been one of tough choices and making progress. people are not going to respond very weel to the other guys. they want to hear why you are good. >> tv will convey those message3 with growing frequency. >> gaithersburg, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> o'malley began airiig tv ads back in july. >>well, the democratic candidates for baltimore county executive are spending major
10:18 pm
dollars on meade y latest campaign finance reports indicate that kevin kamenetz spent four times more than his opponent. barton felder spent mooe than cabinets on campaign brochures and 175 grand compared to 33,000. the g.o.p. candidate is running unopposed. the primary is, of courre, one week from tomorrow. september 14, tuesday. -> president obama, announced ú%h plan to spark the economy with a long-term iifrastructure program. this plan, would pump $500billion to rebuilding or maintaining roaas, 5000 miles of rail ways and 150 miles of runways. but congress has to approve the plan. and many lawmakers do not want to add to the massive ddficit. >> i want america, to have the best infrastructure, in the world. we used toohave the best infrastructure, in the world. we can have it again. >> the economic policies have
10:19 pm
failed. and we can argue about jobs, created jobs saved but when they pad the economic package, they said unemployment would be a maximmm of 8 percent. now it is 9.6 percent. enough said. >> now tell you the ways that the president plans to pay for this, on he "late editiin" at 11:00. now onto the question of the day. do you approve of the way thee3 president s handling the economy? so far, 33 percent of you say 67 percent saa nn. bruce rites, president obama is out of his league when it comes to the economy. at no time in his life, has he been in charge of anything. and it is ssowing. but rc wrrtes, latest plans seem calculated to add jobb and improve freezing rain structure. hh has right plan in mind. go to and tell us what you think. yyu wish. baltimore.3 texttyour answer to 45203. enter fox 5 a for yes. fox 45 b for no.3 -nd your reeponse may air at 11:00, on the "late edition".
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>> there is also a question of what to do about those bush tax they will expire at the end of the year. unless congress acts, and the president signs the measure. most democrats say the cuts should be xtended, only for familiessmaking $250,000 or less. just recently, house demoorats opened the door for a temporary extension, for the wealthy. too fragile.he recovery is just we cannot take the chance. >> that could be part of the discussion. in the shorr-term. >> vaa hollen said a permanent extension for the wealthy on would ost $700 billion over the >> early voting continued or the maryland primaries today. first time in state history voters can cast ballots before the traditional election ay, of course. -arly voting begaa friday and will continue through thursday the 9th. and also available for thh general election, come november 2. and, of courre, you can tay with us for the latest on the mid term elections, just go to
10:21 pm 2010. >> the fairgrounds in timonium and thoosands of screaming teens are recovering front bieber fever. 12,500 people showed up to see and scream along with the teen pop staa justin bieber. last night's big show sold out in 20 minutes. that's 12,500 tickets. and had teens and patient parents lined up all day long to >> i love my daughter very much. what can i say. >> and you can ee much more from last night's justin bieber concert on our website, just click on "raw news".ú >> the 129th maryland state fair ended moments ago. the laat day to enjoy the rides,
10:22 pm
next year. also he last day of the fair for this m bbb shirley. he has been helping out attthe state air since 1946. he says radition is what keeps him returning. >> well, some faaily tradition, %-department here.orked in the my son, has worked in the horse show department here. so state fair is part of our lives. >> shirley hopes to work at a few more fares. when it omes to news in your neiihhorhood. shoot it, see it, send it. you can send photos directly from your cell phone to >> today was the unofficial last day of summer. and people took their time to come home from the beach. here s a live look at route 50. roads returning tt baltimore from the eastern shore were white lights here too.
10:23 pm
what will the weather be like going back to work?3 meteorooogist tony pagnotti joins us with the forecast. hello toney. >> hi, jeff. tough going back to work and school tooorrow. because it will be a great day. rain, forget about that. 73 degrees right now. dewpoint is at 60. ú%mfortable, dry day today. wwth all the sunshine. 77 in d.c. ú%is 4 in oakland.t cool spot satellite rrdar picture. we hhve maybe, just a few friendly clouds fiitering through overnight. we will stay dry over the next3 48 hours, at least. higg temmeeatures today of 84 at the inner harbour. ditto in hagerstownn 79 in oakland..3 you see the numbers? we will do better tomorrow. by noon, it will be 66. 83 at lunch time. and pushing 90. i will have that full seven-day forecast later on. >> later in fox 45 news at 10:00
10:24 pm
continues. deputies rush to a burning car to save a man..3 hear from them llter on, on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> great deal for whoever is getting the lease payments but not so much for taxpayers. >> next. the amount of money city is spending to lease this building. why some say it is such a b ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> a downtown office building is now at the heart of a costly controversy. uncovered a lease agreement signed decades ago that is tonight. lavish leases is the topic of tonight's cover story. >> in the shadows of city hall is an office building that has housed city workers for three decades now. including employees f the financee and fire departmenn. for the past 30 years, the city half a million dollars, torom nearly a million dollars a year in rent, to thh owners of the building. we took our cameras inside 401 east fayette to see if the ity ú% getting their monies worth. instead we found llss than charming conditions, on several floors. >> been a great deal for whoever is getting the lease payments but not so much for taxpayerr. >> the rental agreement betteen the city and a private limited -artnership as struck and approved back in 1981. and according to minutes from a contentious board of estimates meeting that year, then city
10:28 pm
comptroller pressman opposed the deal and voted again t told the city spending panel and then mayor, that paying top dollar for prestige space during times of awe tare tewas not necessary. >> i would say it was probable a ú%x shelter transaction. >> we showed the lease agreement to real estate analyst and former baltimore city real estate ooficer, john hen shhll. this is a finannial lease, whereby instead of getting a mortgage, the city borrowed the money, sap except in tte form of a lease. >> for 30 years, city taxpayers have been paying for more than just a building's rent. according to the lease -greement, city is responsible for early all the building's taxee, insurance, maintenance, utilities, and more. he calls the agreement a standard transaction. >> when you occupy property under thhse kind of arrangements it is not atypical for the occupant tenant to be3
10:29 pm
responssble for all upkeep, ú%erations, taxes, insurance of the building. >> consideeing that they are3 paying the property taxes onú this piece -- on thhs parcel it makes no sense because it is not like they are getting any benefit. >> in fact, tte aggeement may help to explain why the city's department of general services spent $1.2 million in july privately owned buildinggin the a dgf spokesperson tells fox 45 news that in the lease, are building repaii obligations that must be met contractually. we contact city officials for a explanation, but no one, officer would agree to an estate so we asked the mayor about it. >> we are loooing at that lease. recently released by her team, sheds light on the lease and others like it, in the city. >> we are looking at leases, we arr looking at properties. we want to make sure that, as we are asking everyone to make tremendouu sacrifices, to cllse
10:30 pm
buuget deficits and to get us through this recession, that we are doing the best we can with the resource that is we have. >> the mayor is now workinggwith real estate experts, incluuing henshal to look at the agreements and real estate it >> those that are not contributing maximally should be reevaluated and disposed of, if it is a propertyyowned by the -cty, or if it is in a lease >> but in tte meantime, the city will continue to spend $77,000 3 month, which some say reflects poorly on city hall. >> it seemssodd to me that the finance department is actuaaly in this building because, you know, it is sort of a odd metaphor for how things in the city re run. which is a large wwste of money. >> $924,000 a year lease is set to expire august of 2011, no word if they plan to extend it however. >> summer breeze has a whole ne3 meaning for these cyclists. find out why they bareed all on
10:31 pm
their bicycles. >> police officers go beyond the call of duty o help a man trapppd in a burning car. their story, coming up next. >> blue skies, sunshine, terrific temperatures. can we roll this over into the start of the work week officially tomorrow? i will let you know, coming up on, fox 45 news at 10:00. right now, 76 degrees at the
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>> to quote katrina, and the yes, and don't it feel good toney? >> katrina is a good one. indeed. walking on sunshine. where is katrina? who knows. >> yeaa, i guess so. >> out there somewhere. unlike justin bieber. bieber fever. >> you are the president of the fan club. >> all right. i got t anyway. go out the door. and check our weather together at the inner harbour. it is a shame folks, this weekend has to come to an end. but it is, and we have great weather, as i said before. so get used to wonder weather tomorrow. back to work and back to school. 73 right noo. at the nner harbour. the dew points, are the story right now at 60.
10:35 pm
very comfortable. dry out there.3 the humidity though returns tomorrow. 82 is our high today at the airport. 81 is where we should be. that's exactly pretty normal temperature. 98 back n 1954. here are some of the current temperatures. 76. this s now at the airrort. 72 wilmington. cool spot is 64 in oakland. and we have 75 in hagerstown. the ddw points tonight. very nice. all of these 59, 49s. they will move out tomorrow. as humidity moves in..3 but still a lot of sunshine and blue kies. dome of high pressure takes control tomorrow. keeps the rain away. for the next 48 hours. maybe 72. there may be slight chance of showers come thursday. all of this, a little cloudú coverrtomorrow morning. -nd then sunshine burning through. southerly flow will bring the humidity feeling back into the picture. along with moving the 86 degrees at the eastern shore tomorrow. southeast five to 10. with the winds.
10:36 pm
here in central maryland. i am going to say at the inner harbour, probably push 90. very close to it. winds south at five to 10. and in western marrland, of course the cool spot. deep creek lake, fun out there this weekend. 83 degrees. and a lot of sunshine. %-this ooe down to the southo toward florida. not getting in here, because we will have just high pressure building in, and giving s another delightful couple of days, actually, call it another three, four, five days. near 90 tomorrow. near 90 again wednesday. thursday, cool front ccmes through. gives us a cool down. 78 friday. and then 82 degrees on saturday. when i come back in a bit. we will bb seeing if the seven day can keep september going mighty nice. jeff? >> murder suspect joran van ddr sloot admits to trying to extort
10:37 pm
money from natalie holloway's parents. 2005. he admits trying to get $250,000 from them. in exchange for the location of natalie holloway's body. the location he provided did nnt have her body. >> he denies involvement in her disappearance now, and said he did it first because natalie's %-he is in peru facing another murder charge. >>well, the controversy in new york city over the mosque near ú%ound zero mounts. different tact. officials are with welcoming the islamic center to the -eighborhood. given the controversy in other parts of he u.s., church leaders want to start a positive relationship with the ismamlick center. >> this sign was to not just to be a welcome mat but to show that just becauseewith the history between islam and christianity that just because we are looated across the street from each other does not meet mean we are not friendly neighbors. >> he adds yoo do not have to
10:38 pm
believe in the same thing to find some sort of common ground. >> three atlanta deputies heroes after saving a man from a burning car. sunday onna highway. car caught ire after a crashh trapping a man inside. passer-by tried to help. but thh driver's door was stuck. the dash camcaught this dramatic >> took the fire exttnguish out of the trunk of the patrol car, and attempted to knock down the flames. >> this was the secood night on pptrol? >> yes.ú >> what does that tell you. >> never thought the second night i would get something that intense. >> how intense was it? -hat was going on? >> justtthe flames, and having somebody inside of thh car. knowing, you know, you had tt get him out. >> they rushed this man to the hospital, and e is in guarded condition. >> and in the city of brotherly love, philadelphia, no dress code for this particular event %-clothes.l were not wearing any for the second annual naked bicycle ride in philadelphia, on
10:39 pm
sunday. now organizers stay promotes %-riding through the city of philadelphia. and then ate maaor portions of black bean kay ssdeyas, so for the seats once he ride isy over. >> love randy as a judge. >> next. will the remaining judge on american idol remain? who will replace those that left? -hat insiders are saying about it after the break. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail,
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>> a lot of questions tonight about one american idol will simon, ellen, kara all departed. %-judge at the table.the only at least we think that is. he may not return either. jackson because he is the one of the original american idol
10:43 pm
judges. hisscalm, cool collected manner works well in american idol. people love randy as a judge. >> he wore greater watches too. there was a lot of talk about replacements. j-lo and stephen tyler is a rumor, but fox will not confirm it. >> jennifer lopez rumor has basis and reality. she has been on the show. and manager works closely with ú lot of the artists. stephen tyler rumor is the most ú%teresting thing. it came out of nowhere. you had not heard his name being ttrown arounn durrng any of tte preliminary stages. again, it is a greet career move for stephen. >> idol producers say no matter what happens, the focus of the show should be always as it has3 beee in the past. on the talents of the contestants. watch american idol.3 ú%en it returns in january, right here on fox 455 >> maryland and navy come down
10:44 pm
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>>well, we hate to see this labor day week come to ann what great weether. 62 is the overright low temperature. nice sleeping weather. open the windows. do not need the air. tomorrowwget the ac rolling. pushing 90 both days, with the humidity returning. %-saturday, cooling down with a froot rolling through. first chance of any appreciable rain or a shot of rain, nothing
10:47 pm
coming until sunddy. jeff? >> all righh toney thank you. ravens make a ajor signing today in the navy game hhs an ending ffr the ages. kristen berset joins us. she tells me personally it was a epic ending in "sports uulimited". kristen, how epic was it? >> i will show you. coming up on "sports unlimited". maryland nd navy, come down to the wire. find out if the terps pulled off the upset at m&t bank stadium. >> ravens bring in a bii nnme receiver, former first round pick that they traded to make rooo on the roster. only the best-of-the-best. make our list. none of these plays were good enough. see which incredible catches took our pot top spot. our top 10 count down. coming up. "sports unlimited" starts right now. ,3 >> for the first time in five years, maryland nd navy faced off in the crab bowl classic at m&t bann stadium. in 2005, maryland took the lead in the final minute of the gamee it was a thrilling finish.
10:48 pm
so how woulddtoday's game compare? as you heard before. i have one word for you. first quarter, terps with a 7-0 lead. david megg gets the carry, burst through tte line, turns on the jets. past midfield. inside navy's 15, before he is taken downn 67 yards, on the run. he punched in from 3 yards out to give maryland a two touchdown lead. later in the first. navy lined uppfor the 32-yard field goal. jo buckly misses, wide left. navy needs the points later in the game. second quarter. navy on tte board. andres bird takes the pitch. goes around the ends and tiptoe taupes in for six. navy down 14-7. later in the seeond. after navy got an interception, mids from the one. and moten flies over the line. dobbs fumble. they recover a return. and dobbs dropped back to pass.
10:49 pm
his gg green along theeside line for pick up of 26..3 ddwn to the maryland 11. and with 12 seccnds. navy has no time out. dobbs runs, and it stops short of the first down. the cllck runs out. and navy goes into the half. empty handed. ken upset with the quarterback. and going into the locker room, he explodes at the referee, making contact with the official. you will be seeing that picture a lot. he was upset with the time %-but at the start of the second halfken cleared tte i air. and navy threatening. dobbs has a touchdown. and ook at the replay. he fumbles before, crossing the line. maryland takes the possession on another red zone turnover by the midshipman. navy gets the ball back. jones gets the option pitch from dobbs, finds a hole in the defense and he is off. takes it inside of the terp's 30. ú%d laterrin the drive. dobbs from 1 yard out. forces the a

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